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Senior Solutions

For any senior, downsizing and moving can be a traumatic experience. Clutter Cleaner’s founder Matt Paxton understands the emotional and physical challenges of sorting through and organizing a lifetime of possessions, and in 2016 he founded Legacy Navigator, a full-service solution for families in transition. Legacy Navigator provides senior downsizing services, estate cleanout and settlement help, auction services, probate and paperwork assistance, and financing.

In what can often be a confusing and emotionally charged situation, Legacy Navigator offers relief by equipping each family with a Guide trained in social work to help you and the rest of the family make good decisions about what to do with Mom and Dad’s things and how to deal with them before and after the move.

We’ll help you decide and organize what you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. We’ll take all of the items to their appropriate destination and move the rest with the kind of care a lifetime of possession deserves. Whether you need to move your aging mother or you are the executor of a complicated estate, Legacy Navigator will handle all of your needs. You can trust our team to move your family – get your no-hassle FREE estimate now.

“It has been a great pleasure to have your team involved. I very much appreciate their great demeanor, positive approach, and willingness to follow my “bossing” them around and all-around great performance. I am ready to be your spokesperson!”

Senior Move Customer,
Richmond, VA