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How We Got Started

Why we treat your stuff as if it were our grandmother’s.

Clutter Cleaner began in 2006, when it was time for entrepreneur Matt Paxton’s grandmother to move from the house where she’d lived and accumulated things for 20 years. The first project was the basement. The amazing look of relief and joy on Matt’s grandmother’s face when the job was done immediately convinced Matt that this was a service people really needed, and Clutter Cleaner was born.

Because we started with family, we don’t view anyone’s things as “junk” to just be removed. We understand that there’s a reason you have everything and that some things are more difficult to part with than others. That’s why we work closely with our customers, just like Matt worked with his grandmother on that first job, to make sure you feel good about what happens to everything we touch.

If your project is the result of a death in the family, we understand the grieving process and will work compassionately and respectfully with you to make sure you’re both satisfied and comforted by our work.

It’s because of the personal nature of our work that our people are so important. The Clutter Cleaner family is made up of professionals you can trust to be a part of your family as we do our job.

“I was so surprised to see how good the apartment really looks! You all really work hard in difficult circumstances. Your faith, love, and patience show.”

Home Health Care Clean-Up Customer,
Richmond, VA