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Strong enough for the pros. Safe for your famiily.

Matt Paxton spent the last eight years cleaning up the messiest homes in America. The nastier the homes got, the more dangerous the cleaning products became. He wanted to find something that was powerful enough for his toughest jobs, but safe to use at home and around his kids. He  couldn’t find anything — so he created his own.

Introducing a better way to clean.

Clutter Cleaner Cleaning KitClutter Cleaner products are highly effective, able to handle your biggest mess. What’s more, they’re  not just safe for your family, but the environment as well. And using them couldn’t be easier. Just spray it on, let it sit for 30 seconds and wipe clean.

Clutter Cleaner All Purpose Cleaner

Works great on all surfaces. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom and all around the house. From nasty spaghetti stained microwave to coffee and soda stained counter tops, it’s safe and can tackle any mess.

Clutter Cleaner No Streak Glass Cleaner

It’s environmentally friendly, BUT it doesn’t leave streaks or residue (unlike any other all-natural cleaners). Great to use on any windows, glass and stainless steel.

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